K + S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH

Pipeline preparations - workshop project

Kaposvár Kométa

Boiler installation, pipefitting

SK Battery Komárom

Steel construction, pipefitting, ventillation system construction

Szent Gellért Fórum Szeged

Steel construction

Bridge construction works

Komárom SK Battery

Steel structure installation (pipe racks, staircases, wall frames)

Visonta Mátra Power Plant

Pipe fitting and welding

Budapest Kossuth Square MTESZ Headquarters

Steel structure manufacturing and alpine installation

Szabadegyháza Hungrana

Alcohol factory pipe fitting and welding

Szabadegyháza Hungrana

Silo elevation and welding

Budapest József Nádor Square OTP Parking Garage

Steel structure manufacture and installation (bumpers, vent grills, railings)

Budapest Kötéltechnika Kft.

Podium manufacture and installation

Wilhelmshaven harbour

Renovation of harbour protection dam

Budapest International Airport

Installation of wall frames and bridges

Miskolc DVTK Stadium

Stadium steel structure construction

Budapest Telekom Headquarters

Steel constuction of hall roof

Veszprém Penny Market Logistics Center

Hall steel construction

Eisenerz Erzberg

Silo plating

Törökbálint Fanuc

Hall steel construction

Romhány Zalakerámia

Installation of equipment

Romhány Zalakerámia


Pétfürdő Nitrogénművek Zrt.

Pipe installation

Workshop work

Container manufacturing

Mercedes Kecskemét

Construction of steel structures

Göd Samsung SDI Hungary

Construction of steel structures

Budapest Dagály Swimming Hall FINA 2017

Steel construction of temporary tribunes

Niederaußem Fortuna Nord

Renovation of coal grinder


Air heater renovation


Renovation of sealing system and thermal plates

Bremen Linde



Renovation of incinerator

Holcim Lägerdorf

Revision and renovation of incinerator

Stuttgart Mühlheim

Pipe construction, welding works

Arcelor Bremen

Pipe construction, welding works

M&V Düsseldorf

Replacement of crane rail

​Cemex Beckum

Pipe construction, welding works

Badische Stahlwerke GmbH Kehl

Steel construction

EnbW Kraftwerk in Altbach

Revision works in the heat exchanger and the electrofilter

Duropal GmbH Arnsberg

Installation of press machine

Röhrs AG Soltau

Welding of boiler elements